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    As a non-governmental non-profit organization, we are deeply grateful for any form of help you can offer us. Your support – whether through volunteering, financial donations or sharing posts on social networks – directly contributes to our mission of preserving history and organizing educational and cultural events.

    To ensure full transparency of all contributions, we have set up a transparent account with Fio Bank where you can monitor how your donations are being used.

    Payment information

    We use a Fio transparent account, which is aimed at supporting non-profit organizations – associations, foundations, funds, political parties. These accounts help strengthen the credibility of the economy by allowing anyone, at any time, to view the history of financial transactions. The link to the transparent account can be found here: American Liberator History z. s.

    FIO bank
    BAN: CZ48 2010 0000 0029 0243 3322

    Write to us: history@americanliberator.cz

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