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    American Liberator closely cooperates with the non-governmental non-profit organization American Liberator History z. s. devoted to the organization of cultural and military historical events. The association focuses on the development of military traditions, the care of war veterans, the protection of cultural and historical heritage and values, the maintenance and renovation of historical equipment, the support of sports and technical activities of the population, collection activities and museum work, the organization of cultural and historical events and the support of youth and the organization of leisure activities for children.

    American Liberator History z. s. is dedicated to reviving history and preserving military traditions. We are proud that our members have been organizing cultural and military-historical events since 2018, which bring important events from our past closer to the public.

    One of our significant achievements is the acquisition of exclusive facilities in the former missile base near Brno – VZA Mokrá Horákov. There is a shooting range, an airsoft park and a tank stadium for military equipment, which allows us to organize even more authentic and engaging events.

    The vision of our organization is ambitious – we would like to build a historical-military museum in Brno, where we could present an extensive collection of weapons, period uniforms and military equipment. To achieve this goal, we are looking for support and cooperation with the South Moravian Region and the city of Brno.

    Very soon we will present a spectacular demonstration of the liberation of Brno, the assassination of Heydrich and the associated theater performance about the events of the Second World War. We would like to create a tradition of commemorative events in Brno and its surroundings, similar to what is happening in Prague, Pilsen and Ostrava.

    We are currently expanding our activities to include cooperation with foundation funds and centers for war veterans. With your support, we can contribute to help Czech veterans and children in need. We believe that together we can take great steps to revive and preserve our historical heritage.

    American Liberator History z. s. cooperates with American Liberator, which specializes in the collection and presentation of historical military weapons. This unique project focuses on weapons from the period 1890 to 1975 and is dedicated to preserving history through the collection, storage and presentation of weapons, technology and security material. American Liberator’s mission is not only to preserve these historical artifacts, but also to present them to the public as a key part of our shared past. This commitment to historical education is further extended by offering experiential shootings for individuals and companies.

    In the framework of historical-military events, including experiential shootings, we cooperate with our partner, the photography studio SEDLAK FOTO. This partner shares with us a passion for history and is responsible for capturing the unforgettable moments of our events. It is important to emphasize that all photographs taken by SEDLAK FOTO are protected by copyright law. This means that any modification, copying or other use of these photos without the prior written consent of the author is illegal. We respect the rights and creative work of our partner and expect the same respect from our participants and visitors.

    American Liberator History z. s. hereby declares that it is not a member of any organization, political party, association or movement directly suppressing or limiting the fundamental rights of individuals or groups, or any other organization, political party, association or movement supporting such activity. At the same time, it does not support such an organization, political party, association or movement in any way. All photos or videos on the website and social pages are for illustrative, theatrical or film purposes only.